The True Happiness

What is happiness?
Is having all the luxuries  in the world happiness?

Does happiness really exists? or is it just in our minds?
sure happiness only resides only in our mind, but why do people go behind physical things like money, status etc.


lets bring out some science behind happiness, have you ever heard about serotonin?
its a neurotransmitter which is released when you feel happy, in other words it elevates your mood. People who have acute depression lack of serotonin (people like me). The prescribed antidepressants elevates the serotonin production. This is a basic surface idea of serotonin. serotonin is also responsible for regulation of sleep, appetite, etc. That is a topic for other blog.

Back to our philosophy…….
who is the happiest person?. Is he the richest the person, or the person with good  regulated neurotransmitters. Happiness comes from inside, disregarding the external physical things. A singer singing her favorite song knows it, an astrophysicist who just discovered a new star knows it, or a person like you reading your favorite novel know it.


can all the turmoil, pain, desperation in the world be stopped with the true sense of happiness??


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