Why Doesn’t Electric Eel Feel Its Own Shock?

why doesn’t electric eel feel its own shock?


perhaps this isn’t the best topic to kick-start my blog.
first of all why does electricity kill you?

electricity is simply the flow of electrons,our heart rhythm is controlled by electric signals, electricity interferes with this signals making the heart beat go quiver. Enough of biology, lets talk about physics behind why eels don’t feel shock.

electric current chooses the shortest resistance path to travel.
Imagine you are stuck in a open turf, and you realize you are about to hit by a thunderstorm.
which is the best escape
-sheltering beneath a tree
-wearing a full body iron armor (all the best finding one)
-or start running

The best option would be iron armor, why ?
electric current finds the path with low resistance , you body has more electrical resistance than iron. Hence the current chooses iron over you.If you don’t have an iron armor at the moment,run inside a car. The car acts similar to the armor.

This is similar to FARADAY-CAGE

Coming back to our eels, eels generates electricity all around its body, current simply has no reason to through the eels body.

i promise my future blogs would be more interesting and profound, after all this is my first blog. Give the man some opportunity, he is a human too.


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